Since my wife first gave me my 75th birthday gift of a year of sailing on Superstition and her predecessor, I have enjoyed 8 years with Pennant Yachts. It has been a blast! I can't say enough good things about your whole operation here in Annapolis, but what stands out is:
• The quality of the yacht and its equipment;
• Yacht maintenance, always first class. Skip is simply outstanding, his warm personality is a winning asset;
• The automated scheduling system which treats everyone the same. Kudos for the 3 day trip scheduling;
• The beauty and amenities of Annapolis Landing Marina;
• Your personal attention to all the small (and large) things that contribute to pleasant yacht usage and sailing.
However, I regret to say I have decided not to renew my contract for the 2020 sailing season. The only reason for this decision concerns safety - myself, my friends, and the yacht. At age 84, my physical condition is such that I no longer have the agility to move about the boat safely under all sailing and docking conditions. This is a major risk since much of my weekday sailing is without a crew. Let me repeat that it has been an extremely joyful experience with Pennant and I wish I could continue.

S.C. - Captain
Superstition, Annapolis

Have really enjoyed this partnership. Both Manana and Amnesia have been great boats. especially Amnesia. The technicals of Amnesia are pretty nice... easy to single hand, the Raymarine integrated system is amazingly functional and your responsiveness to fix issues is outstanding. Cannot think of a better way to sail than what your company offers. I've also really enjoyed Biscayne Bay - probably more than any other place I've sailed. Starting to get good local knowledge and know where to go and not to go.

J.B. - Captain
Amnesia and Manana, Miami

I have been using the service for 2 years now. The boats are amazing and the service is great. I would recommend Pennant Yachts to everyone. Definitely much better than buying your own boat as they handle all of the annoying aspects of boat ownership. You just come and enjoy the boat. Value proposition here is a no brainer.

A.I. - Captain
Persuasion and Stir it Up, Miami

I want to take this opportunity to tell you that it has been an amazing time and experience leasing Persuasion with you over the last 3 years. It has allowed me to accomplish a teenage dream. I will keep sailing wherever I am.
So thank you for all your support. It's a great leasing system that you put in place.
All the best and “Good wind” as we say in French.

M.C. - Captain
Persuasion, Miami

For thirty years, I owned boats, big and small, power and sail. For the last ten years, I have been a Captain in this program. Believe me, this is the way to enjoy boating. The boats are well maintained and easy and fun to operate. I think I'll never own a boat again.

R.W. - Captain
Manana, Miami

I was with a similar company and switched to Pennant for these reasons:
1) the quality and size of the boats; 2) superior maintenance - if things break they are fixed right away, and the boat is always ready to go; 3) Alan is a real pro, he knows the boats, he's a sailor, and understands our issues.
I highly recommend the program because it's easy and hassle free, and it is a lot of fun sailing on such a wonderful Jeanneau 469.

M.R. - Captain
De Nada, Miami

With your permission I like to say thank you to you and your team for making my membership such a great experience. I am pleased to retire Manana and sail Persuasion. Alan, your management and maintenance make this experience great.

E.T. - CEO, Footwear Manufacturer
Captain, Persuasion

Many intelligent men buy their boat and spend every weekend fixing it, and they forget to sail! After 2 years on Beaujolais, I gained enough experience to venture out of the bay and start to crew for other boat owners. So far I have done more than 20K sea miles off shore. I have been a skipper for a number ocean crossings including transatlantic and TransPac. You have a happy customer. You do a good job and I thank you. I wish you continued success.

L.S., Captain
Beaujolais, Annapolis

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